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Barcode-icon BARCODE HOUSE

  • >project: barcode_house
  • >location: Panorama_Thessaloniki
  • >year: 2010
  • >details: private residence
  • >area: 500sq
  • >status: completed
  • >partners: Tazlab Architects


BARCODE is located in a verdant natural environment within walking distance of the urban fabric of the city. The design of the house, which was based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture and the direct contact of the interior with the natural environment, played a decisive role in the way the interior architecture was approached. The house is spread over 500sqm and is divided into three levels. . An imaginary corridor defined by a perforated wooden structure on the roof, leads the visitor to the most private areas of the house. . From the slits of the roof, spot lighting is projected which emphasizes specific construction details.